Picture of me in a suit, donning a tie with a fancy knot; blurred foliage in the background

Hi, I'm
Luke Pflibsen-Jones

I'm a
  • Software Developer
  • Python Enthusiast
  • Security Advocate
  • Hiker
  • Maker

Here are some things that I've done

Lead development on an up-and-coming social action platform. Trained interns on full-stack development and WordPress

Technologies and services used:
PHP, Laravel & Eloquent ORM, PostgreSQL, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Linux, NGINX

Developed the company's core product, automated cryptocurrency trading software. I was primarily responsible for the licensing/DRM system, databases, build toolchain, GUI & API server, performance, and data security.

Technologies and services used:
C#, Python, Cython, Javascript, SQLite, PHP, React; Azure: SQL Database and Functions

Designed a friendly search bar that lives on the Windows desktop. It interfaces with the program Everything to do lightning-fast file searches.

To improve ease-of-use, it features a full installer and auto-updater.

Technologies and services used:
C#, Windows Forms, COM Interop, async / multithreading, Inno Setup

Rewarded $1,000 by Valve Corporation for responsibly disclosing a security vulnerability in a core Steam executable

Technologies and services used:
Python, PowerShell, HackerOne

Made a Windows app to manage disliked songs, albums, and artists on Spotify, auto-skipping them when encountered in the future.

Technologies and services used:
Python, Cython, SQLite; AWS: Lambda, API Gateway, Certificate Manager

Wrote a browser plugin to clean up YouTube comments by examining their content for common patterns and checking the safety of URLs

It is available on both Firefox and Chrome

Technologies and services used:
Javascript, CSS, Python, Mozilla Develper Hub, Chrome Web Store

Created a tool to use an ESP-8266 or ESP-32 microcontroller as an SPI ROM flasher. The tool has two parts: the state machine written in C++ and a Python client.

Technologies and services used:
C++, Python, Platformio

Designed an RGB IoT lightbulb, then created a system to synchronize arbitrary real-world IoT devices with virtual objects in games made with the Unity game engine

Technologies and services used:
Python, MicroPython, C#, RESTFul API, ESP8266 microcontroller, Unity, git + GitHub

Open-source contribution - TreeGen

Contributed 28 merged pull requests aimed at improving the performance, stability, and user-experience of an open-source tree generation addon for Blender

Technologies and services used:
Python, Blender API, git + GitHub

Developed custom WordPress themes, plugins, and other web solutions to serve client needs.

Technologies and services used:
PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, MySQL, Python; AWS: S3 and CloudFront

Wrote a WordPress plugin that gives WordPress access to site filesystems stored on AWS S3 (namely for WPEngine's LargeFS system)

Technologies and services used:
PHP, WordPress, WPEngine LargeFS, AWS: S3

Implemented designs for product pages in the user area. Optimized delivery of videos and podcasts by reencoding their full library into modern formats and migrating the content to a CDN.

Technologies and services used:
HTML, CSS, WordPress, Python; AWS: AWS-CLI, S3, Elastic Transcoder, CloudFront